This website provided to you to assist with your understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). New tips will be added periodically along with helpful links and articles.   Please feel free to email us with general questions about ADR as well as specific requests for services. Send them to:


Berry & Associates supports and abides by the following:

  • Model Standards of Conduct & Practice for Mediators of the American Bar Association, Association for Conflict Resolution, and the American Arbitration Association
  • American Arbitration Association Code of Ethics for Arbitrators
  • California Dispute Resolution Council Dispute Resolution Principles

Berry & Associates along with its principal, Robin L.Berry, have long been active in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Best known in the fields of securities and banking, Berry & Associates has recently branched out into all fields of commercial arbitration, mediation, facilitation and training.

It is important to choose your ADR provider with care. It is an art, not a science; one for which we work to constantly learn new tools and techniques. We look forward to your questions with interest and invite you to explore our website to learn more about ADR.




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